Coaching is for you if you're a yoga teacher working on:

  • Effective cueing
  • Mastering confident body language
  • Breaking down challenging poses
  • Sequencing
  • Inclusive communication
  • Giving powerful hands-on adjustments
  • Teaching with props, confidently
  • Guiding meditation
  • Teaching special populations like prenatal, postnatal, active older adults or kids
  • Becoming an excellent private lesson teacher
  • Growing your business & brand
  • Or anything else yoga-related

I've helped countless small business owners and yoga teachers improve their teaching and business skills; I'd love to help you, too!

Reach out today to learn more about coaching and how it can help you continue your development as a yoga teacher or business owner!


Private Yoga Lessons

Offered to give beginners a solid foundation so they feel confident, supported & capable wherever they choose to practice, to give 1-on-1 support to those recovering from injuries, surgeries or having baby, & to create opportunity for busy and/or advanced practitioners to be challenged and coached, Private Lessons are tailored to fit your needs.

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RAVE Reviews

If I never teach yoga again it will still be the most rewarding experience of my life


I was very nervous first going into teacher training because I never liked getting up in front of people to speak or teach. Mandy was very encouraging the whole time and honestly believed in me. I have never had an experience where I saw so much personal growth. Teacher training with Mandy not only gives you all of the tools you need to be a successful yoga teacher but it also makes you look at your own life and where you want to be. I felt so comfortable in the space she created and grew close with all of my other trainees.  I never felt judged or pressured but instead encouraged and uplifted. My life has changed for the better since I went through this program and if I never teach yoga again it will still be the most rewarding experience of my life.  -Taylor, RYT200 - 2017 Graduate

It was the best & the most challenging thing


My training with Mandy Cummins was transformational and life changing. It was the best and the most challenging thing I have done. Her love of teaching and empowering approach to the traditions of yoga is inspiring. Mandy's joy and creativity is something that I really related to and is what makes her classes unique. The foundation and education she offers is a wonderful place to begin a meaningful journey as a teacher. Mandy is an amazing mentor and I am proud to be part of her lineage.  -Judy, RYT200 - 2018 Graduate

If you have an opportunity to take Mandy's classes, do not hesitate

Christine pictured here, at a Guardian Yoga event

I had the privilege of having Mandy as my coach during my yoga teacher training and I can't overstate the impact she's had on my development as an instructor. Mandy has one of the truest, kindest hearts I've encountered and that comes through both in the classes she teaches and as a teacher training coach. She creates a safe environment to explore and work through anything that may be holding you back. You can trust her to hold space for that work and know she will support and encourage you every step of the way. Her authentic, encouraging style combined with her honest, truthful feedback helped me find my voice and give me the confidence to teach from my own truth. I will be forever grateful for the gift she's given me.  -Christine, RYT200 - 2016 Graduate