WelcoME to Northwest Yoga Society

 If you’ve been waiting for the right program, this is the one for you.  It’s accredited through Yoga Alliance, well-rounded, and proven to help you become the teacher you want to be. Our graduates love their experiences bonding with other locals, building confidence and learning a fun skill that translates to so many other aspects of life. 

Whether you dream of teaching on a beach, starting your own business, or teaching at a studio to supplement your career, this is the training for you! Read reviews, check out the schedule and learn more online at NorthwestYogaSociety.com, or email direct at Mandy@NorthwestYogaSociety.com to get all your questions answered.
I’m so excited and would LOVE for you to join me!

For private lessons, click here, for group classes, check out our class schedule, learn more about our current teacher training program, and see what we are contributing to Massage Therapy here.  And if you have any questions, please reach out. Thank you for stopping by!  

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About Northwest Yoga Society


Inclusive Yoga

We teach Inclusive Yoga, which is creative, adaptive & individualized-taught to the students in the room-& safe for everyone to have a life-affirming, humanity-embracing experience.  

We take inclusive to the next level-in our classes we avoid using: 

  • "he/she"; Cis- or trans-gender, nobody gets singled out.  If you have a particular pronoun you prefer, let us know. Otherwise, none will be used.  
  • "should"; we're not in your head, so we won't tell you what you should feel, look like,  think, strive for, etc.
  • "need"; we offer options but you don't "need" to do, feel or look like anything in particular. You do you.
  • "God"; we offer opportunity for you to devote your practice to your higher power-if you have one-or to something else.  You don't need to be any religion to practice here; whatever your belief system is, you can choose to bring that onto your mat, or not.  
  • Language & options for only advanced yogis.  You'll be taught yoga poses, meditation & breath exercises in English with clear, concise cues (+ Sanskrit sprinkled in), offered modifications using the wall, blocks, straps, or changing up your orientation (try seated instead of standing) in a loving, encouraging way. There is ZERO competition in inclusive yoga. Instead, there are options offered for you to decide what's best for your body.
  • Pricing for only those of a certain income level; we have a "no yogi left behind" policy in classes and teacher trainings.  If you can't afford classes or trainings, please reach out.  We believe everyone who earnestly wants to learn should be able to; regardless of income.


About Mandy's Teaching Style

Mandy teaches inclusive yoga in an empowering way, creating new sequences depending on who's in the room & what their goals are. Vinyasa, Kundalini & Hatha are fused together in an intention-setting, chakra-balancing, sutra-honoring, non-dogmatic way to elevate your experience.  Mandy believes there's a beautiful, powerful space between honoring the ancient practice of yoga & creating room for levity, so she aims to create a safe space for every yogi to take charge of their own mat time.  She  likes to say, "I'm just a little bird making suggestions, but you are in control of this pose, this breath, this class."  Get ready to be empowered.


Mandy's Story

I've always loved how we can use yoga as a tool to analyze unhealthy, unhappy patterns in our life;  it's a really accessible way of understanding ourselves, others & our world, so we can live with more peace, health, love & joy.  That's what drew me to yoga in the first place-the psychological aspect of it. I started meditating as a little girl to deal with anxiety, & it's been hugely helpful in managing stress as the years have gone on.

The physical practice came later-in 2010, I started taking Bikram, Power, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin & fell in love with the practice.  I started coaching Teacher Trainings in 2014 & developed my own in 2016.  3 trainings later, our curriculum is jam-packed, our community-growing powers are ever-expanding, & I'm so grateful I can pass down what I've learned, so that others may continue the cycle.

When I'm not in the studio, I am with my Golden Retriever, outside exploring, in my garden tending to my veggies, running, cooking or bouldering.

Well that's enough about me!  If you haven't been to class yet, I would love to meet you.  Come to class & introduce yourself. Tell me your goals & how I can help you in private or group classes.  Or ask me about massage-I'll be adding that to my services very soon.    

Check out the Teacher Training page if you want to do what I do for a living (it really is AMAZING). Thanks for stopping by, my friend. May you have a love-filled, peaceful day.